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ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED is a Company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC.156113 in 1990; her objective was born out of the numerous demands for quality services in various areas of the Nigerian Oil Industry. We welcome the opportunity of introducing ourselves and services to you. We are confident of our dynamism, and our team that is building on a solid foundation of professionalism. ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED believes in timely response to all engineering, procurement and environmental problems of the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry. Furthermore, ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED is back up by internationally recognized companies who are pro-active and ready to provide the desire solution for all problems in our sphere of activities.


As a purely indigenous engineering firm, our vision is to be seen as one pioneering the development of the various test equipment for the advancement of electrical and instrumentation work in the nation with the best instrumentation laboratory that is UKAS satisfied.


To employ all resources at our disposal in positioning our company in the oil and gas industry as the leader within our chosen field of activities, effectively satisfying the total quality demands of our market, the aspirations of all concerned and providing optimum returns on our stake holder interest through focused profitable growth, whilst we remain a responsible corporate citizen


ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED is fully committed to the conduct of all operations with due regard for the environment and the protection and safety of its employees, contractors and the public, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Company's philosophy is that the health and welfare of its people are the most important considerations in any undertaking.  The protection of company assets and of the environment is of primary concerns.  No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely and pollution-free.

Safety is fundamental to our business.  Each officer, manager, employee and contractor has a personal responsibility for his own safety, and to prevent accidents by observing established policies practices and safety standards are strictly adhered to.

It is expected that each employee will demonstrate his commitment to safety in the exercise of his duties and responsibilities.  Your life, and your livelihood, may well depend upon it.


As part of our positive attitude in promoting good working relationship with our client and host communities we have a comprehensive community assistance policy that is tailored towards the enhancement of the welfare of the communities.

Based on the above therefore, we shall at all times conduct our activities in the way and manner that will promote good working relationship with our host communities. Hence, effective project planning and considerations with specific relevance to protection of life, property and environment are critical issues of concern in project execution and implementation criteria.

This would be ensured through;

Community assistance is integrated in our project execution strategy, starting from the administrative through tendering and the execution phases.


In ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED, Quality is one of the most important means for achieving the objectives of the company’s business strategy.  The concept of quality for ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED includes all the various aspects and features of a product or service with the aim to satisfying our client’s expectations and requirements. The realization of these quality objectives coupled with the basic objectives to keep on operating as an integrated energy, Construction, oil and gas services company depends on personnel quality, the adequacy of organization, commitment to work and above all, on everybody’s attitude to the issues of qualities. From the above perspective, the management of ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED ensures that:

ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED QA/QC management has got the necessary authority and freedom of volition to check that the system is correctly implemented, propose and carryout any corrective action whenever deemed necessary. The overall authority for the establishment and implementation of the quality assurance of ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED is assigned to the QA/QC department manager and the QA/QC department Manager shall report directly to the Managing Director.


ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED as a Nigerian Company has adopted a local content Policy, which aims to encourage technology transfer through partnerships with multinationals, improve employment opportunities for Nigerians and use in its operations, locally sourced/manufactured materials and equipment. In order to achieve the above objectives, ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED will implement the following programme:


Whenever there is need for staff recruitment, applications shall be called for mainly from Nigerians with the relevant qualifications and experience by advertising in the National Dailies to achieve fairly widespread response. Use of Expatriates will only be considered if no suitable Nigerian can be sourced. Interviews will thereafter be conducted for the selected candidates (irrespective of tribe, religion or creed). Only those successful at the interviews will be employed.


All remuneration packages offered to staff shall be in line with the standard salary levels in the Nigeria Oilfield industry to promote staff retention and career development opportunities for Nigerians in ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED


The objective of the ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED Staff Development and Training Programme is to establish a formal framework for the development of all ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED staff. This is done in a manner that builds in them the competencies required to meet ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED business needs whilst at the same time providing them with the right mix of technical and personal skills. The programme is aimed at providing improved opportunities for experienced staff to pass on knowledge, skills and attitudes through dialogue uninhibited by organizational structures. The programme will assist all ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED staff in focusing on career planning issues early in their careers and ensure that development programmes are structured and implemented effectively.

It is expected that by following the ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED structured training programme, all ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED staff will:


ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED provides experienced and manpower support service to meet our clients' needs. We provide foreign contract personnel as well as local contact pool. Our databases of workforce include the followings; ABS Certified welders, Fitters, Scald folder, Motor and Plant Mechanics, Rig deckhands (roustabout), Pipe Riggers, Grit/sandblasters.


ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED strives to pool the expertise of very experienced and exposed technical and commercial personnel. In cognizance of federal government laudable goal of empowering local content, ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED is committed 100% transfer of expertise and technology to our Nigeria staff and host communities as the need arises. ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED is committed to keeping our staff abreast with the latest technologies and inventions in the oil and Gas & construction sector through periodic training, seminars and workshops. ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED strength is in the depth of our engineering, commercial, and project management skills.


It is the policy of ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED to conduct its operations in a safe manner, to ensure goods health of its personnel, secured environment and being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities around its area of operation.It is the policy of ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED to conduct its operations in a safe manner, to ensure goods health of its personnel, secured environment and being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities around its area of operation.

ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED shall manage its operation in such a way as to achieve the following;
Preserve the health, safety and security of the employees and members of the public who may be affected by its operations, Minimize the impact of its operation on the environment, Maintain sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the host communities around its operation areas.
Recognize HSE management as a line responsibility, Maintain relationship with the host communities, Believe that every job can be done safely
That everybody has a joint responsibility for HSE, Recognize that no activity shall be carried out unless considered safe, Carry out all Emergency pipeline Repairs (EPRS) and all other swamp mechanical repairs safely and without any additional impact on the environment. Complete Emergency Pipeline Repairs system (EPRS) earlier than client's estimate schedule with all HSE considerations in place. The employees of the company must plan and perform their work in accordance with this policy. An activity that in the opinion of the employee cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy must be suspended and reported immediately to the relevant supervisor. Line management is responsible for enforcing the implementation of this policy


ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED shall enter into supply and procurement contracts with reputable local companies for the provision of all locally sourced/manufactured materials/equipment needed for the execution of its contracts.


To facilitate the above plan, ANDYCHISS COMPANY LIMITED shall maintain an authentic inventory of suitable and capable local companies in the region, including their location addresses and their areas of specialization.


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